We Specialize in the Following Services:

​We Specialize in the Following Services:

•  Building Interior, Exterior, and Grounds Repair and    Maintenance
•  Preventive Maintenance, Periodic Replacement        and Repair for Electrical Systems, Lights and            Motors 
•  Preventive Maintenance and Daily Operation            Management of HVAC Systems
•  Installation, Maintenance and Repair of Plumbing      Systems
​•  Construction Services - Painting, Remodeling, and    Management Services​​

​•  Electrical Contracting

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Hudson Facilities Services can offer you a program of routine service and expert repair that will handle mechanical problems, and possibly even prevent them. We customize programs to the needs of your business. school or institution and set up a maintenance protocol to ensure each day runs as smoothly as possible.

•  Day/Evening Janitorial Services

•  Floor Services
•  Carpet Services
•  Window Washing Services
•  Construction and Remodeling Cleanup
•  Building Exterior Services
•​  Detailed Restroom Cleaning
•  Industrial Cleaning

​​Hudson Cleaning Services can develop and manage a program of routine janitorial services providing its quality-trained personnel to staff a facility that fully meets the cleaning program’s requirements. A professional management staff, that includes operations managers and site supervisors ensures providing quality building services, excellent communication and outstanding management for each client’s cleaning program.​​