Choosing the right security guard services company is one of the most important decisions that a business can make. As one of the largest privately-owned and operated security guard service providers in the St. Louis area, Hudson Security Services has been a leader in the industry.


Over the years, the management team, administrative support, field operations and supervisory staff, and on-site personnel continue to focus on providing customers with quality service and being a valued service provider. Our performance has resulted in repeat business, customer referrals and the creation of long-term relationships.


  • Provide practical and flexible solutions
  • Maintain close liaison with customers through an experiencd account management team
  • Employ highly qualified, experienced and versatile people
  • Provide regular reporting and update programs as necessary
Hudson Services | Security Services


  • With a policy of honesty, integrity, trust and dedication
  • By encouraging leadership throughout the organization, innovative action and common sense.
  • By our commitment to employee training and education, staff development and ongoing process improvement
  • By empowering individuals to make and be accountable for their decisions
  • With a customer focus based on open communication and long-term relationships
  • Our customer service philosophy is to work in partnership with our customers. . . Teamwork For Your Success

​We identify each customer’s unique services and maintenance requirements and together (based on customer input) develop effective programs to maximize each customer’s budget, return on investment and minimize risk to their business.


In 1929, the state of Missouri issued a charter of incorporation to Hudson Chemical Company, in St. Louis, Missouri. Charles L. Hudson, Sr. was president and primary shareholder. Hudson Chemical Company manufactured sanitary chemical products and performed a sanitation service for manufacturing plants, institutions, retails stores and office buildings.

After World War II, Hudson Chemical Company expanded its business to include being a distributor for a line of agricultural chemicals which were used by groundskeepers and extermination contractors in St. Louis.

In 1947, Hudson Chemical Company created a service division to scrub, wax and polish tile, terrazzo and linoleum floors. This experience helped establish the housekeeping/janitorial service business which is still an active division to this day.

Since 1959, we have been in the security staffing business, with the establishment of the Hudson Security Services division. We provide uniformed and licensed security officers, roving mobile patrol programs and special event or long-term security service provided by off-duty police officers. In 1994, the security division expanded its service line into providing off-duty police officers for those customers who need that next level of protection.

With extensive expertise in boilers, water softener, filter installation, power sprayers and chemical product manufacturing plus service work in institutions, factories and retail and commercial office buildings, Hudson’s management of mechanical equipment in these same building types was an easy transition for the company.

Today, what was formally known as Hudson Building Services and now divided into three different companies, Hudson Services (security), Hudson Cleaning, and Hudson Facilities Management Services.

Hudson Services | Security Services
Hudson Services | Security Services
Hudson Services | Security Services